What Are the Health Benefits of Goji Juice?

Goji berries, which are used to make goji juice, are nutrient rich and have been known to help with overall mental health as well as other health factors, including stress relief and athletic performance, according to WebMD. They are also known to help people to sleep better. It is important to note that all berries contain similar nutrients, and it is not fully known if goji berries are better for a consumer than other berries.

Goji berries are native to China and have been revered in the area as having healing and positive health benefits, leading to long life, as stated by WebMD. Goji berries have been used in treatments for numerous disorders and illnesses, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, fever and eye problems that are associated with older age. They can also be consumed in various forms besides juice, such as being eaten whole, brewed in teas, produced in wines and added to medications.

It is possible for goji berries to have adverse effects in the body if they are consumed in conjunction with some drugs, according to WebMD. Patients who are taking blood thinners, such as warfarin, or blood pressure and diabetes medications are recommended to avoid goji berries. It is important to note that synthetic goji berry supplements may or may not be as effective as natural, raw goji berries.