What Are the Health Benefits of Eating Almonds?


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The health benefits of eating almonds include high nutritional intake, increased heart health, help with weight maintenance and diabetes control, reports SFGate. Eating almonds also helps lower cholesterol levels, prevent colon cancer and prolong life, states Medical News Today. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, B vitamins, monounsaturated fat and essential minerals, adds Fox News Health.

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Almonds are a healthy source of protein and fiber, explains SFGate. The magnesium they contain helps prevent hypertension and heart attacks. Consuming only a few almonds provides a feeling of fullness and satisfaction, which inhibits weight gain, and the magnesium content contributes to blood sugar regulation, which decreases cravings for food. Because almonds are high in fiber, they contribute to intestinal tract health.

The form of vitamin E in almonds absorbs easily into the body and helps muscles recover after workouts, prevents skin damage from direct sunlight, boosts alertness, and preserves memory, points out Fox News Health. Almonds are rich in B vitamins, which enhance energy, improve athletic performance, and promote healthy eyes, hair and liver. The monounsaturated fat in almonds reduces levels of unhealthy cholesterol. Almonds also contain calcium, which contributes to bone strength and helps prevent osteoporosis. The potassium in almonds, combined with the other components in almonds, reportedly helps keep testosterone levels up in older men.

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