What Are Some Health Benefits of Asparagus?


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Asparagus consumption increases the amount of fiber, folate, chromium and essential vitamins in the body. Some of these nutrients are beneficial for helping the body regulate blood sugar. Asparagus also helps decrease birth defects in infants due to a large amount of folic acid, which is essential to a fetus's growth and development.

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What Are Some Health Benefits of Asparagus?
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Studies also report that asparagus is good for aiding digestion. Because of its high fiber and water content, asparagus helps the digestive system regulate itself, which prevents constipation and colon cancer.

High in folate, asparagus is also an aid against other types of cancer, such as breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and cervical cancer. Researchers suggest that folate helps fight against unwanted cell mutations that cause cancers and individuals cannot achieve the same phenomenon by only consuming folate supplements.

Asparagus also helps to slow down the aging process. Because of its high B12 content, asparagus helps protect against memory loss and declining mental abilities. The ability to absorb B12 decreases with age, so individuals over 50 years old may find it helpful to include asparagus in their diets.

This power food is easily accessible and available at most major grocers. Consumers may also visit local farmer's markets and specialty health food stores.

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