How Harmful Is Skipping Breakfast?


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Skipping breakfast makes weight loss more difficult, according to WebMD. People who skip morning meals tend to eat more throughout the day and snack on unhealthy foods. Business Insider mentions that the body loses vitamins and minerals from not eating breakfast, which makes a person tired and irritable.

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How Harmful Is Skipping Breakfast?
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OnlyMyHealth.com notes that not eating breakfast may lead to intellectual problems, and there is a risk of behavioral problems. Breakfast skippers also have an increased risk of developing osteoporosis. Hormonal problems are another effect, and women who skip breakfast have a greater risk of menstrual irregularities.

Forbes claims that men are 27 percent more likely to suffer from heart disease if they skip breakfast. Not eating food in the morning is considered to be a form of fasting, and it is stressful for the body. This stress results in other health problems, such as higher insulin levels and hypercholesterolemia. Other problems are spikes in triglycerides, insulin and LDL cholesterol. Eating breakfast also decreases the concentration of HDL cholesterol in the blood.

WebMD further mentions that children who do not eat breakfast are more prone to tardiness and absence from school than kids who eat food in the morning. Business Insider cites a study indicating that elementary school students who do not partake in breakfast have a shorter memory span than children who eat in the morning. Women who fail to eat morning meals have a higher risk of contracting type 2 diabetes.

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