What Are Some Hard-to-Find Sodas?

What Are Some Hard-to-Find Sodas?

Some hard-to-find sodas include Hires Root Beer, Cactus Cooler, Mello Yello Zero, Manzana Verde Mundet and Barq's Red Creme Soda. Limited or regional distribution is often a factor in making a soda hard-to-find. In some cases, manufacturers limit the distribution to ramp up demand. Mexican sodas are sometimes hard to find in the U.S., but are often stocked in Latin markets or in local taco trucks.

Despite being owned by Dr. Pepper, the availability of Hires Root Beer in the U.S. is extremely limited. As of November 2015, only North Carolina, Iowa, Arizona, Nevada and Washington bottle and sell Hires. It is, however, available for purchase online at SodaFinder.com.

Cactus Cooler is another rare soda owned by Dr. Pepper. Sold only in the southwest, the pineapple and orange-flavored soda is hard to find in stores, but is available online.

Calorie-free Mello Yello Zero was originally available only in parts of South Dakota, Iowa and Tennessee, but as of November 2015, it is more readily available in different parts of the country, but is still not on store shelves nationwide.

Barq's Red Creme Soda, owned by Coca-Cola, is hard to find on purpose. The company touts the drink's "hard to get" quality on its website, and urges fans to "stock up."

Mexican green apple-flavored soda Manzana Verde Mundet is available in the U.S., often at taco carts, but is rarer than the red-apple flavored variety, Sidral Mundet. Other hard-to-find Mexican sodas feature less-common flavors such as tamarind, sangría and hibiscus.