What Happens When You Freeze Lemons?


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When you freeze lemons, you preserve the whole fruit for later use. Although the texture of the meat of the lemon may be mushy when thawed, freezing leaves the flavors of the juice and rind intact. Because fresh lemons freeze well, it’s possible to enjoy them all year long.

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Although it sounds bizarre, freezing lemons whole doesn’t harm the fruit. The thick rinds of the fruit protect the meat from freezer burn and preserve color and flavor. Thawing the frozen lemons is also easy and convenient; use a microwave oven or just soak them in cold water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Any way you would process a lemon in cooking, such as zesting, slicing or peeling, you can prepare it for freezing as well. For example, if you want to stock up on lemon zest, grate the fresh lemon rinds into freezer-safe containers. Further, you can zest lemons after freezing too. To make a supply of lemon slices for lemonade, iced tea or other beverages, simply slice several lemons, and then store in freezer bags.

If you want to save only the fresh juice, squeeze your lemons, seed the juice and freeze it using ice cube trays and other containers. To save lemon meats for cooking, peel and dice, then freeze. The mushy texture cooks out as the lemon melts into your dish.

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