What Happens When You Freeze Fresh Fruit?


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When you freeze fresh fruit, you preserve its color and flavor, stopping the ripening process when the fruit is at its best. However, freezing affects fruits’ texture, breaking down and softening meats because water expands as it freezes.

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Freezing fresh fruit is good for preserving fruit without changing its color or flavor, important considerations for later use. Freezing also preserves most of the nutrients present in fresh fruit. However, freezing fruit can result in mushy textures in some varieties, particularly in citrus and other fruits developed in tropical climates. Also, thawing frozen fruit too quickly can make it runny and mushy, suitable for sauces and some preserves but not acceptable to be eaten raw.

Prepare fruit properly for freezing by first cleaning and processing it. For instance, core apples and pears and sort berries after washing them. Slicing lemons before freezing helps preserve their texture as well as their color.

To begin freezing, cut the fruit into usable pieces. Line a pan or tray with wax paper, and place the fruit pieces in a single layer, making sure that the pieces don’t touch each other. Freeze uncovered until the pieces freeze solid (two to three hours), and then transfer them to other freezer-safe containers.

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