What Happens When You Drink Pickle Juice?

happens-drink-pickle-juice Credit: GH01/E+/Getty Images

Drinking pickle juice provides multiple health benefits and also acts as a remedy for some common ailments. According to Medical Daily, pickle juice replenishes depleted sodium levels and rebuilds electrolytes, making it a popular hangover cure.

Many athletes ingest pickle juice because it is effective for relieving muscle cramps, according to The New York Times. The Huffington Post reports that a 2010 laboratory study concluded that pickle juice relieves muscle cramps 37 percent faster than water. The researchers responsible for the study believe that the vinegar in pickle juice may stop muscles from misfiring by sparking a nerve reflex. The National Institutes of Health also advises that consuming high-sodium drinks can improve thermoregulation and physical performance.

Besides its use among athletes, pickle juice is often consumed as a cure for various forms of temporary discomfort. Medical Daily recommends using pickle juice as a remedy for menstrual cramps, as it relaxes the muscles while simultaneously halting the salt cravings that many women experience when menstruating. It is also common to drink pickle juice for relief from heartburn. The sea salt and water in sour pickles can aid with digestion by helping beneficial bacteria to grow, according to WebMD. The Huffington Post adds that pickle juice is rich in potassium, magnesium and sodium.