What Happened to Clearly Canadian?

Clearly Canadian, one of the first flavored sparkling water brands to market itself as a healthy alternative to traditional soft drinks, faltered in the early 2000s when faced with fierce competition, strategic missteps and legal troubles. In late 2013, the company launched an online grassroots campaign to reignite large-scale production.

As of 2014, Clearly Canadian claims it needs to secure advanced sales of a minimum of 25,000 cases of its original flavors to begin production. The company is using the Internet and social media to mobilize its fans and reach this goal. Clearly Canadian beverages use Canadian spring water, pure cane sugar and natural flavoring. It is sold in glass bottles with a distinctive teardrop shape.

Founded in 1987, Clearly Canadian experienced rapid growth and large revenues as one of the founders of the alternative beverage market. At its peak in 1992, the company's sales reached $155.2 million with a $14 million profit. The firm contracted out most of its functions, including production and distribution. Despite being a pioneer in its market niche, the company struggled to adapt to the highly competitive marketplace that developed around it. Sales declined, and in early 2001, its stock price dropped below $1 on the NASDAQ exchange. As a consequence, the companywas delisted.