Who Are Some Gyro Meat Distributors?


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Kronos, Grecian Delight and Olympia distribute gyro meat and other Greek food products in the United States. All three companies sell both gyro cones and sliced meat.

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Kronos, founded in Chicago in 1975 by entrepreneur Chris Tomoras, was one of the first developers of the gyro cone concept, which involves the production of a cone of gyro meat which is placed on a rotisserie and sliced to order. Following the gyro cone, Kronos introduced several portion-controlled gyro products. As of 2015, Kronos also produces Italian beef, sliced roast beef and souvlaki, a Greek kabob product.

Brothers Andre and Kostas Papantoniou founded Olympia in 1972. Like Kronos, Olympia produces gyro meat in the cone format. In addition to cones, Olympia produces loaves of gyro meat for restaurants and concession outlets that do not have access to rotisseries. Olympia also produces halal gyros to meet the dietary restrictions of a broader customer base.

Grecian Delight, founded in 1974 in the Chicago suburb of Elk Grove Village, controls approximately 40 percent of the gyro meat market share as of 2015. Their product portfolio combines the offerings of Kronos and Olympia, offering gyros cones, loaves and slices. They also offer halal gyro meat and Italian beef, a popular Chicago food item. Grecian Delight also provides schwarma, a product not advertised on the websites of Kronos or Olympia.

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