How Do You Grow Dill?


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Plant dill seed in full sun with regular soil in an area with wind protection. Water the plant when needed. After the dill sprouts in around two weeks, thin the plants to about 12 inches apart.

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Dill is an annual herb, but it reseeds itself if some seed heads remain left in the garden. Dill grows to 3 feet tall and has deep roots. It requires deeply dug soil, and because of its height, it does better and is less likely to become wind damaged if it develops a good root system. Dill stems are fragile because they are hollow and may require staking. Adding bone meal and compost to the soil before planting helps ensure healthy growth. Dill grows quickly, and reseeding every few weeks extends the harvest. Harvest dill seeds by cutting off the flower heads when the seeds are ripe. Place the inverted heads in a paper bag, and leave them in a dry, warm spot. Separate the seeds from the stems after a week, and store them in an airtight container until use. Choose fennel, onions or cucumbers as companion plantings. Do not plant dill near tomatoes or carrots.

Dill is often included in stews, soups and fish dishes, and the seeds are used for pickling and making salad dressings.

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