How Do You Grill Salmon?


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Grilling salmon is an easy process that begins with preparation and ends with being cooked thoroughly over an open flame. Preparation requires the cut to be cleaned well and seasoned. After preparation, the salmon is ready to be cooked over a gas grill or hot coals.

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How Do You Grill Salmon?
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To begin preparation, start by cleaning the salmon fillet or steak with water and then drying it with a paper towel. Choosing whether or not to leave the skin on is entirely up to the cook; however, leaving the skin holds the cut together much better and keeps it from sticking to the cooking surface. Flavor is easily added by either using a dry rub, herbs or allowing it to marinate in a sauce for around 15 minutes. Fillets can either be grilled directly on the rack or on greased foil with slits to allow the juices to drain. Allow the fish to grill over either medium coals or a gas grill set to medium until it begins to flake when rubbed.

Flipping the cut at least once during the process ensures that it is cooked thoroughly. If the skin was left on the cut, be sure to remove it after grilling. The salmon is done if it is moist, maintains an opaque color and easily pulls apart.

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