How Do You Grill a Bratwurst?


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Ways to grill a bratwurst include grilling directly over a flame or placing the bratwurst in the middle of the grill and then lighting a flame on either side of it. Grill the bratwurst with moderate heat to reach a temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

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How Do You Grill a Bratwurst?
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The preferred heating method is to use charcoal rather than propane, according to KitchenProject.com. The advantage to setting up the heat on either side of the bratwurst is that the sausage will cook thoroughly without the risk of burning or charring from direct contact with the flame. Grilling time for uncooked sausage runs around 18 to 25 minutes over a medium heat. If you like, you can marinate the brats in the beer or wine of your choice to add flavor, and then place directly on the grill.

Another method is to first place the bratwurst in beer or water on a stove top for 10 to 15 minutes to cook them completely, and then to place them on the grill to brown. This will ensure that they will be cooked through the center without over-cooking on the outside. It is important to turn the brat frequently to insure thorough and even cooking. When turning the bratwurst, never use a fork as piercing the skin will release the juices and dry out the sausage, according to Barbecue U.

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