What Is Greenman's Ale?

Greenman's ale is an alcoholic beverage members can brew at cooking level 29 in the online role-playing game RuneScape. When consumed, this drink temporarily grants a +1 boost to a player's herblore level while applying a -2 penalty to attack, strength and defense levels.

Greenman's ale also restores up to 290 lifepoints if the player isn't at maximum health. The ale is made in a fermenting vat by combining two barley malt, four clean harralander herbs and a pot of ale yeast with two buckets of water. Members can install a keg of Greenman's ale in their house by buying one from another player or obtaining one from certain pubs in the game, such as Ye Ol Dragon Inn.

Players can randomly brew mature ale, which increases the bonus effects. In the mini-game Trouble Brewing, players can obtain a special ingredient known as "the stuff," which improves their chances of yielding mature Greenman's ale.