Does Green Tea Make You Lose Weight?


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According to University of Maryland Medical Center, green tea extract has been shown in laboratory studies to boost metabolism and assist in burning fat. Another study showed that the combination of green tea and caffeine proves as an effective tool in maintaining weight loss and assisting in weight loss for both obese and moderately obese individuals, explains the University of Maryland Medical Center.

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Catechins are the substance in green tea that are believed to aide in weight loss and fat burning. Green tea, black tea and oolong tea are all derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. The difference in the teas is in the processing. Green tea is made using the leaves in their unfermented state, while black and oolong tea are both fermented. In this unfermented state, green tea has a greater concentration of polyphenols and less caffeine than other teas. These polyphenols in green tea are primarily catechins, as well as five other types of catechin compounds that all help to support weight loss.

Green tea is available as dried tea leaves, as well as a standardized extract. For adults, two to three cups of green tea per day, or up to 750 milligrams of standardized extract is recommended, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

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