What Is Green Label Jack Daniels?

Green Label Jack Daniel's is a lighter version of the original whiskey. The drink is paler in color and matured for a shorter time than the original beverage.

Jack Daniel's is a Tennessee whiskey made by dripping the beverage through tightly packed hard sugar maple charcoal. After this process the whiskey is placed into new, charred oak barrels to mature. There is no specific timetable that Jack Daniel's brewers stick to in order to determine the whiskey's maturity. Instead, the distillery uses tasters to determine when the whiskey is ready. The tasters determine the quality of the whiskey by the way it smells, looks and tastes. Jack Daniel's original black label whiskey contains no carbohydrates or cholesterol. It is also free of gluten and fats. These ingredients are all removed during the distilling process to create a whiskey that contains only 65 calories per ounce.

Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel founded Jack Daniel's in Lynchburg, Tenn. in 1875. In 2013, the company saw one of their most-profitable years by selling 11 million cases of their signature Black Label whiskey. Although the liquor meets the criteria for classification as a straight bourbon, the company refuses to use this label and continues to market their product as whiskey.