Does Gravy Have Gluten in It?


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Some gravies contain gluten, and some do not. Individuals can control the gluten levels of their gravy by making homemade gravy with gluten-free ingredients. Pre-made gluten-free gravy is also available.

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As of 2015, Amazon.com sells gluten-free gravy mix from manufacturers such as McCormick and Pioneer. Home cooks can find many gluten-free gravy recipes on Food.com.

When purchasing pre-made gravy, consumers should check the ingredients carefully for sources of gluten. Wheat, rye, and barley contain gluten, and any ingredient made from those grains contains gluten. Also, vaguely named ingredients such as "seasonings" may contain gluten. Even if a gravy manufacturer does not list gluten in the ingredients, gluten may still be present due to cross-contamination, which can occur when foods share a preparation environment with gluten-containing foods.

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