What Are Some Gourmet Italian Meats?


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Prosciutto, coppa, and culatello are gourmet Italian meats. Other options include pancetta, sopressata, pepperoni, porchetta and salame. Most gourmet Italian meats contain pork or beef, although venison and wild boar are also popular.

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Prosciutto, also called prosciutto crudo and Parma ham, is made with pork or boar meat. Instead of cooking, it undergoes a dry-curing process that lasts a minimum of 210 days. This meat is usually served in extremely thin slices. Coppa, a similar dry-cured ham product, contains more salt and spices. It frequently appears in antipasto platters.

Culatello is one of the rarest and most unique Italian gourmet meats. It consists of salted, spiced ham cured inside a pork bladder for one year. Culatello is more expensive than many other Italian meats, and it's difficult to find outside of Italy.

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