What Is a Good Wine to Serve With Salmon?


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Generally, rosés and Pinot Noires go well with salmon. However, there are as many pairings with wine as there are ways to cook salmon. The richness of the wine should match the intensity of the food.

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For grilled salmon, the best option is an earthy Pinot Noir with medium or high acidity. A Chardonnay pairs well with poached or buttered salmon, as they are equally rich and full-bodied. Exotic recipes are well complemented by a Riesling, due to its citrus lemon flavor.

For raw salmon, MatchingFoodAndWine.com recommends a rosé, while MadeMan.com advises that Sauvignon Blanc is the best choice for sushi. Sauvignon Blanc generally goes well with spicy salmon recipes.

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