What Are Some Good Ways to Use Italian Sausage?


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The sweet flavor of Italian sausage works well as the protein element in many Italian dishes like pasta and pizza, or it can be used as the main ingredient for a meal. Use it in stews, on pizza or even to top a green salad.

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Most Italian sausages produced in the United States are primarily seasoned with fennel or anise. Italian sausage is usually available in either a hot or sweet variety and can pack a smoky, flavorful punch into almost any meal. Spruce up your morning omelet with peppers, cheddar cheese and sausage. Italian sausage can be tossed into a variety of pasta dishes to add extra protein and flavor to your meal. Italian-inspired foods like flatbread pizzas and hero sandwiches can include sausage. The combination of mozzarella, tomatoes and basil with the seasoned meat makes a simple yet hearty meal. You can also use Italian sausage as the star of your dish in a one-skillet meal that incorporates potatoes and vegetables. A stew made with sausage, white beans and tarragon is easy to make ahead of time. Alternatively, place the sausage on top of grilled fennel to add protein and a contrasting flavor to a salad of sweet greens.

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