What Are Some Good Ways to Prepare Kohlrabi?


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Some good ways to prepare kohlrabi are raw, in soups, fried fritters, roasted and steamed. Kohlrabi is a vegetable that is similar to cabbage that is commonly eaten in German-speaking countries. Its texture and taste are similar to broccoli stems or cabbage hearts, but slightly sweeter. There are several varieties of kohlrabi that are commonly available, including White Vienna, Purple Vienna, Grand Duke and Gigante.

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Raw preparations of kohlrabi include sliced in a salad, grated into a slaw or eaten as is with a little olive oil and salt. Kohlrabi is an addition to many different soups, such as cream of potato, cream of broccoli or chunky vegetable soup. Kohlrabi fritters are made using shredding kohlrabi mixed with egg and flour or breadcrumbs. They are then put in a pan with hot oil and fried until both sides are crispy.

Kohlrabi can be roasted in the oven with other vegetables. Its flavor becomes sweeter and milder, and it can be served as a side dish. Another easy way to prepare kohlrabi is by steaming. An example of a simple dressing for steamed kohlrabi is butter, lemon juice, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper.

The leaves of the kohlrabi plant are also edible and can be used in place of collard greens or kale in many recipes.

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