What Are Some Good Ways to Cook Bacon in the Microwave?


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To cook bacon in the microwave, line a microwave-safe dish with paper towels, add bacon in a single layer on top the paper towel, and then top with an additional layer of paper towel. Use a minimum of four paper towels on the bottom of the dish to absorb the grease as the bacon cooks. Microwave for one minute for each slice of bacon.

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If necessary, slice the bacon in half to allow it to fit in the dish, placing the bacon slices close together without touching. Add a two-towel layer on the top of the bacon slices. The bacon should not be visible. If desired, add more layers of bacon and more paper towel layers to cook more bacon.

Place the dish in the microwave, and set the microwave for cooking on high power. Allow one minute of cooking time for each slice of bacon cooked. Monitor the bacon during cooking, removing any thin pieces that cook more quickly and allowing extra time for thicker slices. At the end of the cooking time, check the bacon for doneness, allowing an additional 30 seconds cooking time at a time until the bacon reaches the desired level of doneness. Remove the bacon, and place it on clean paper towels to absorb additional grease prior to serving.

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