What Are Some Good Ways to Cook Asparagus?


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There are a variety of ways to cook asparagus, including roasting, steaming, boiling, frying, and pickling. Look for tender tips, and cut off the tough ends of the asparagus to make it more ideal for cooking.

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What Are Some Good Ways to Cook Asparagus?
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Roasting with olive oil and salt is one of the most delicious ways to cook asparagus. Roasting brings out the tenderness and sweetness in the asparagus and softens the bitterness. Choose only thick asparagus spears for roasting, as the thin ones burn too easily. Roast until crisp in the oven. Steam this versatile vegetable and mix with lemon and butter for a simple and classic weeknight dish. Six to eight minutes of steaming time for thick spears and three to four minutes for thin spears leaves the asparagus tender with a crisp bite.

To fry asparagus, dip it in egg, and then cover it in crisp breadcrumbs mixed with herb seasonings before frying in oil until crisp. Pickling is one of the most overlooked and tasty ways to prepare this vegetable. Vinegar, some pickling spice, garlic, salt and water are the only ingredients needed to pickle asparagus and turn it into a tart treat. Add sugar and pepper to the asparagus for sweet and spicy results.

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