What Is a Good Way to Cook Lamb Chops?


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Sizzling lamb chops with garlic and herbs or marinating them in a sauce made from soy sauce, honey and spices are two good ways cook lamb chops. Breading the lamb chops and then frying in oil and serving with spiced red potatoes is delectable as well.

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Use oil instead of butter to sizzle the lamb chops as butter burns easily. Olive oil or coconut oil are good options. The oil needs to be hot before adding the lamb chops and whole cloves, otherwise the meat soaks up too much oil and burns more easily. Finely chopped vegetables such as red bell pepper, hot peppers like jalapeños for a spicy twist, onions or peas are a delicious addition to the pan.

For a quick dish, stir together some soy sauce with a dash of honey, several pinches of freshly grated ginger, and let the lamb marinate in the sauce for at least an hour before baking in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. For optimal deliciousness, cook the lamb chops till they still have some pink on the inside. To make breaded lamb chops, dip them in egg, making sure to wipe off the excess drippings, and then coat in crisp breadcrumbs mixed with salt and herbs. Cook in a few tablespoons of hot oil.

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