What Are Some Good Tuscan Dishs?


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Good Tuscan dishes include ribollita, which is a hearty vegetable soup, Tuscan kale, pappa al pomodoro, which is a tomato and bread soup, panzanella, a cold tomato and bread salad, Florentine steak and cacciucco, which is a seafood stew, say authors at Academia Barilla. Foods from Tuscany emphasize pasta, bread, fresh vegetables, poultry and seafood. Tuscans often serve dishes with a variety of wines, including Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Vin Santo and Aleatico.

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For warm days, panzanella, a light bread salad, is a popular Tuscan dish. Pappa al pomodoro is a hearty tomato soup that Tuscans enjoy hot or chilled, according to Academia Barilla. These soups are made with special Tuscan bread, which has little or no salt and acts as a thickening agent to improve texture.

Pasta is another common ingredient in Tuscany. The Tuscans' use of egg pasta and pappardelle is nearly infinite, from accompanying vegetable stews to making a main meal with meat sauces. A simple, classic Tuscan dish adds meat sauces, made of wild hare or boar, to a base of pappardelle noodles.

Chicken is another staple in Tuscan cuisine; it is often cooked with mushrooms and other meats to add to rice dishes. Florentine steak requires grilling with herbs. Pork loin is prepared by slow-cooking in the oven.

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