What Are Some Good Traditional Irish Recipes?

What Are Some Good Traditional Irish Recipes?

Some traditional Irish recipes include, Irish stew, soda bread, colcannon mash, seafood chowder and potato breakfast pancakes. These dishes are known primarily for being hearty and easy fare to put together for a meal.

Many traditional Irish dishes are still popular at the dinner table in modern Ireland. Try out some of these dishes for something different or to help celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

  • Irish stew
  • Made with plenty of potatoes, lamb, onions, celery and carrots, Irish stew makes a filling dinner.

  • Irish soda bread
  • Serve that stew up with a slice of soda bread with buttermilk and garlic leaves. Soda bread rises due to the action of baking soda in the recipe.

  • Colcannon mash
  • A mixture of mashed potatoes and cooked kale or cabbage, colcannon mash is a good side dish to serve up topped with salted butter.

  • Seafood chowder
  • A tasty seafood chowder is a good alternative to the meat and potatoes dishes most people think of as Irish. This chowder features three different kinds of fish and mussels with potatoes in a creamy fish broth.

  • Potato breakfast pancakes
  • Serve everyone breakfast with potato pancakes made with a mixture of potatoes, flour, egg and spring onion.

  • Steamed mussels
  • Another seafood dish, steamed mussels cook up in just minutes. They can also be steamed in and served with a creamy cider.