What Are Some Good Tequila Brands?


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As of August 2015, good tequila brands include El Tesoro, Siete Leguas, Chinaco and Gran Centenario Leyenda. All receive high ratings on Esquire's website. El Tesoro Platinum is a "blanco" tequila, which stays in a container about 60 days before bottling. The distiller uses plants grown in Mexico's volcanic upland.

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Siete Leguas is a "reposado" tequila. This style of tequila ages in oak for 60 days to a year. Chinaco, a type of "añejo" tequila, rests for three years. Typically, the storage barrels originally contained bourbon.

Tequila aged more than three years is extra "añejo." Sometimes the company mixes in even older tequila. Gran Centenario Leyenda is a highly-favored example of this type.

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