What Are Some Good Taco Dip Recipes?

What Are Some Good Taco Dip Recipes?

Some good taco dip recipes include seven layer chicken taco dip, five layer taco dip, taco ranch dip and taco queso dip. These recipes each use a hearty base, such as cheese, beans or beef.

Taco dip is a quick and hearty snack for parties or just lounging at home. This dip combines most of the ingredients in a taco into a dippable form, served either hot or cold.

  • Seven layer chicken taco dip
  • A seven layer chicken taco dip comes with plenty of guacamole, seasoned chicken, sour cream, salsa and veggies like lettuce and black olive.

  • Five layer taco dip
  • The five layer taco dip is a more traditional take with taco-seasoned ground beef, salsa, sour cream, avocado and Cheddar cheese.

  • Layered ranch taco dip
  • This bean-based dip is topped with sour cream mixed with ranch dressing powder for a real kick. The dip is finished with tomatoes, onions, olives, bell pepper and cheese.

  • Queso taco dip
  • A real gooey dip that's served warm, the queso dip is made with melted cream cheese, salsa, cheddar cheese and seasoned ground beef.

  • Taco bean dip
  • Another beef and bean-based dip that is served warm, taco bean dip has some traditional ingredients like beef, beans, cheese and salsa.

  • Scoop-up taco dip
  • Similar to taco bean dip, the beef and beans are mixed together and served on top of a bed of lettuce and topped with salsa and cheese.