What Are Some Good Supermarket Hams?

Some good supermarket hams include Archer Farms spiral-sliced honey ham, Hillshire Farm brown sugar cured ham, Niman Ranch applewood smoked uncured spiral ham, Smithfield Paula Deen's crunchy glaze spiral sliced ham, and Hillshire Farm honey cured ham, according to Good Housekeeping. The Archer Farms ham can be purchased at Target.

Good Housekeeping ranked the Archer Farms spiral-sliced honey ham as the best supermarket ham. The ham has a moist, heavy texture and a smoky pork flavor. The Hillshire Farm brown sugar cured ham was noted for its nice, slightly chewy texture and juicy flavor. Niman Ranch's applewood smoked uncured spiral ham was also highly ranked. It had a mild, less smoky flavor and a slightly dry texture.