What Are Some Good Substitutes for Andouille Sausage in Recipes?


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>strong>Mexican chorizo, Italian nduja and kielbasa are some good substitutes for andouille sausage. Although nothing quite mimics the distinct flavor and spiciness of andouille, any smoked sausage is a potential substitute.

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Kielbasa's smoky flavor is the closest to that of andouille, although kielbasa is typically less spicy than andouille. The intense spiciness of Mexican chorizo equals the spiciness of andouille, but chorizo is darker in color.

Nduja sausage is a spreadable salumi product. Similar to French-style andouille, nduja consists of tripe, or pork intestines. Nduja also contains generous amounts of red peppers, especially red peppers from Calabria, the Italian city of its origin. Nduja is an Italianized version of the word andouille, states Barilla.com

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