What Are Some Good Side Effects of Green Tea?


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Green tea boasts several health benefits, including reducing blood sugar and cholesterol, warding off atherosclerosis, protecting against certain types of cancer, reducing symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease and protecting against diabetes and some liver diseases. Green tea may help maintain a healthy weight.Green tea includes catechins, which may boost fat burning and metabolism, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

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What Are Some Good Side Effects of Green Tea?
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Following consumption, green tea increases blood flow and circulation, helping prevent accumulation of plaque in the arteries and keeping blood vessels clear. Green tea produces some cognitive benefits too, according to WebMD. It may improve blood flow and circulation to the brain, stimulatingbrain activity, particularly in the area controlling work and memory.Green tea consumption may also protect against certain cognitive illnesses, such as Alzheimer's; green tea prevents accumulation of plaque, which experts believe causes Alzheimer's.

Green tea also controls blood sugar levels, making it a natural choice for diabetes management. This tea might reduce the risk of developing certain cancers, including breast, bladder, ovarian, esophageal, colorectal, lung and pancreas, skin, prostate and stomach.

Green tea comes in liquid, pill and powder supplements, but the benefitsremain the same regardless of form.Experts recommend consulting with physicians before starting green tea supplements.

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