What are some good sauces for shrimp?


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Good sauces for shrimp include a chipotle shrimp dish with mango sauce or a West African shrimp sauce with a traditional spicy tomato sauce. Each sauce presents the classic sweet and sour recipe with a different twist; the spicy tomato flavor echoing West African roots, and the mango and chipotle dish putting a new stamp on a classic sauce. Shrimp sauces usually have two flavors in common: sweet and spicy; some recipes focus on one for the shrimp and another for the sauce.

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What are some good sauces for shrimp?
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The mango sauce balances out the chipotle pepper and garlic with fruit puree, honey, a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice. These are combined in a blender to make a sweet, tangy dipping sauce.

The spicy tomato sauce is made in a sauce pan over medium heat, combining all of the ingredients in succession to make a fresh, zesty sauce that the shrimp are then marinated in.

Both the mango sauce and spicy tomato sauce start with a base. The recipes share other base ingredients include salt, pepper, onions, chives and olive oil. Garlic is used to season the chipotle dish that adds heat to the shrimp. Ginger, lemon zest, coriander and cayenne pepper fire up the tomato sauce, giving it a slow kick that wakes up the taste buds.

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