What Are Some Good Sanjeev Kapoor Recipes?


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Kesari shrikhand, cholor dal, baby corn panner ke pakode, lauki ka murabba and daalia chutney are some good Sanjeev Kapoor recipes. They appear on Kapoor's website, SanjeevKapoor.com, under the Top Ten Recipes heading.

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Other recipes on the Top Ten Recipe list include chocolate kulfi, coconut rice fritters, brinjal and smoked chili soup, vellarikai pachidi, and sorshe diye kundri. Kapoor's dhaba chicken curry appears on FoodandWine.com, has a four-star rating and is chef Sang Yoon's favorite one-pot curry. Kapoor's dhaba chicken curry consists of chicken breasts braised in a vegetable mixture with curry made with turmeric, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and cayenne.

Kapoor's kesari shrikhand is a yogurt flavored with saffron, milk, sugar and nutmeg. Kapoor drains the yogurt overnight and chills the dessert before serving it garnished with almonds and pistachios. Cholor dal is a Bengali specialty made with fresh coconut slices and raisins. The recipe calls for spicy clarified butter, ginger paste, chilies and chana dal, a popular legume in Indian cuisine. Chana dal looks like split peas but is sweeter and has the texture of garbanzo beans.

Kapoor's coconut rice fritters are cooked rice mixed with coconut milk powder, sugar and cinnamon. Kapoor forms a coarse mixture with the ingredients, shapes the mixture into small balls and fries the balls with a little oil in a skillet.

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