What Are Some Good Rubbermaid Water Containers?


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Good Rubbermaid water containers include the Litterless Juice Box and Hydration Water Bottles. Rubbermaid also offers a wide variety of water coolers and jugs for those looking to transport gallons instead of ounces.

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Rubbermaid's Litterless Juice Boxes offer a green alternative to commercial juice boxes. They are available in both 16 and 8.5 ounces and come equipped with a lid that seals snugly and a spout that locks into the lid when not in use, guaranteeing that no leaks occur. The 16-ounce version is available in light blue, while the 8.5-ounce version is available in green, light blue, magenta and bright blue. They retail for around $3.

Rubbermaid's 30-ounce Hydration Water Bottle comes in red and is composed of BPA-free plastic. The lid twists off for filling, and the bottle closes securely with its flip-top cap. It is textured to provide maximum grip and offers a rubber handle for easy carrying. Hydration Water Bottles cost around $7 as of 2015.

To transport larger volumes of water, Rubbermaid offers coolers and jugs. The most popular model is the Victory jug, which comes in 1/2-, 1-, 2-, 5- and 7-gallon sizes. Their lids and spouts are leak-proof, and the spigot is drip-resistant. Water coolers come in sizes up to 10 gallons and are durably made. Accessories like mounting brackets can also be purchased in order to secure the cooler to tables or truck beds.

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