What Are Some Good Recipes for Sherbet Punch Made With 7up?


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Sherbet punch, rainbow sherbet punch, and fruit and sherbet punch are some good recipes for sherbet punch using 7-Up soda. In general, sherbet punch recipes may be altered to include the soda of your choice.

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DrinksMixer.com's recipe for fruit and sherbet punch calls for 2 liters of soda, 1 gallon of fruit juice and 2 pints of sherbet. The punch may be made with any type of soda, fruit juice or sherbet, though in general complementary flavors work best. Because 7-Up is lemon-and-lime flavored, citrus-based juices or sherbets are good choices.

For SheKnows.com's sherbet punch, scoop 1/2 gallon orange or raspberry sherbet into a punch bowl, then top with 3 2-liter bottles of chilled 7-Up. Serve the punch immediately. SingleMomOnABudget.com's recipe for sherbet punch calls for 2 liters each of 7-Up and Hawaiian Punch combined with 1 container of the sherbet of your choice. The exact ingredient amounts in sherbet punch may be altered to suit personal taste; for example, more sherbet creates a creamier punch.

MommyHatesCooking.com's recipe for rainbow sherbet punch calls for Sprite or Sierra Mist. Because 7-Up's flavor is similar to both Sprite and Sierra Mist, either of these sodas is a good substitution. Mix equal parts soda and Hawaiian Punch, then top with rainbow sherbet.

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