What Are Some Good Recipes for Prime Rib Roast?


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Prime rib with thyme au jus, prime rib with marsala wine and prime rib with horseradish cream are some of the good recipes for roasted prime rib. Roast the beef at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until the beef has an internal temperature of 135 F if you want it medium-rare.

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Choose a 6-pound bone-in prime rib portion of beef to yield up to eight servings. Roasted beef served “au jus” means serving it with its own natural juices or drippings. Prior to roasting, always season the prime rib with salt and coarsely-ground pepper. After setting aside the roasted beef, place the roasting pan on a stove top; add 2 cups of red wine, 4 cups of beef stock and 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh thyme leaves to the beef drippings. Cook the sauce until reduced by half, and serve the sliced prime rib with the sauce.

The same method can be applied for the roasted prime rib with marsala wine recipe. Just substitute the red wine with marsala wine, and whisk in a knob of butter to the reduced sauce for extra flavor.

A good rub for roasted or smoked beef is a combination of cayenne pepper, chili powder, fajita seasoning and paprika. The spice mixture is squeezed with lemon juice in order to make a paste, and then rubbed all over the prime rib. This spiced prime rib is served best with a creamy horseradish sauce. The sauce is a mixture of heavy cream, lemon juice, horseradish, salt and pepper.

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