What Are Some Good Recipes for Muffaletta Olive Salad?


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Celebrity chefs Guy Fieri and Emeril Lagasse have recipes for muffaletta olive salad that can be found on the Food Network?s website. Both use olives and pasta and need to be chilled before serving.

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Fieri?s recipe calls for placing in a food processor red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, olive juice from a can of olives and fresh lemon juice, in addition to minced garlic, red chili flakes and ground pepper for seasoning.

To that mixture, add diced carrot, marinated artichoke hearts, roasted red pepper, red onion and celery, plus 1/2 cup each of black olives and green olives. Pulse these ingredients until well chopped but not pureed. After the salad has marinated in the refrigerator, mix in 3 cups of prepared orzo and 1 cup of feta cheese. Fieri suggests serving the finished salad in Bibb lettuce cups.

Lagasse?s recipe starts with placing in a large mixing bowl 1 pound of cooked small shell pasta with several meats and cheese, all of which have been cubed, including salami, provolone cheese, mortadella and boiled ham. To that mixture, add sliced black and green olives, celery, parsley and thyme. Emeril?s recipe includes an olive oil and apple cider dressing that is made in a separate bowl and then combined with the larger mixture before refrigerating the finished salad for at least eight hours.

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