What Are Some Good Recipes for Bruce's Yams?

Some recipes for Bruce's Yams include Sweet Potato Toppings Galore, Yam-Yums Candies and Creamy Double Potato Casserole. Some of the recipes from Bruce's Yams are winners of the Annual Bruce's Yams Holiday Contest.

Sweet potatoes are an iconic part of holiday dinners, but making them the same way each year can become boring. Try a few new recipes for those Bruce's Yams canned yams.

  • Sweet Potato Toppings Galore: Enhance a traditional mashed yam dish with lots of toppings like pecans, brown sugar, and mix in a dash of bourbon.
  • Yam-Yums Candies: Turn yams into a tasty candy that the kids and adults won't get enough of before dinner. Yams are mixed with apricots, coconut, sweetened condensed milk, pecans and rolled in powdered sugar.
  • Creamy Double Potato Casserole: Make a warm casserole by beating together eggs, milk, yams and Alfredo sauce. This is a yummy addition to the meal with a few unexpected savory ingredients like Alfredo pasta sauce and hash brown potatoes.
  • Banana Yam Pound Cake: Bake a pound cake with mashed bananas and yams mixed into the dough. This hearty bread will have the whole house smelling like the holidays while baking.
  • Sweet Potato Bourbon Cheesecake: Make a baked cheesecake flavored with plenty of bourbon and sweet potato. The yams are beaten together with cream cheese and eggs for a sweet treat.
  • Sweet Potato Jalapeno Soup: A sweet and spicy soup will help warm guests up on cold days. Bacon is sauteed with diced veggies, then heated together with chicken stock and mashed yams. The cooked dish is blended until it reaches a velvety smooth consistency. Serve this creamy potato and jalapeno soup before the main course.