What Is a Good Recipe for Sparkling Cranberry Punch?

What Is a Good Recipe for Sparkling Cranberry Punch?

Ocean Spray and About.com provide recipes for sparkling cranberry punch that require only a few ingredients, such as champagne and Limoncello liqueur, or sparking water and pink lemonade concentrate. The About.com recipe provides a nonalcoholic option.

The Ocean Spray recipe includes one 750 milliliter bottle of champagne, 1 cup of Ocean Spray cranberry juice cocktail and 1/2 cup of limoncello liqueur. Combine the champagne, cranberry juice and limoncello liqueur in a large pitcher. Stir it gently so the champagne retains its bubbles. Serve the drink in a punch bowl, tall glasses or champagne flutes.

The recipe makes approximately 4 1/2 cups of punch. To make more servings, double or triple the ingredients and combine them in a large punch bowl.

The About.com recipe includes 2 quarts of chilled, cranberry cocktail juice, 1 6-ounce can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate and 1 quart of sparkling water. Allow the frozen pink lemonade concentrate to thaw. Combine the cranberry cocktail juice and pink lemonade concentrate in a large punch bowl. Gently stir in the sparkling water.

If all the ingredients are chilled, it does not require ice. The recipe yields approximately 25 servings.

Garnish either recipe with sliced fruit, such as lemons, limes or oranges. Herbs, such as mint, also work as a garnish.