What Is a Good Recipe for a Peach Bellini?


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Ina Gardner on the Food Network offers one good recipe for a peach Bellini. The recipe uses two ripe peaches, a tablespoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of sugar and chilled prosecco sparkling wine.

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Ina Gardner’s recipe requires removing the peach pits and dicing the fruit carefully into small bits. The fruit, lemon juice and sugar go into a food processor equipped with a steel blade. Blend these ingredients until all of the small chunks become smooth. Use a sieve to remove any remaining peach chunks and keep bits of pulp from getting into the Bellini. Add the processed fruit mixture to two champagne flutes, and pour enough cold sparkling wine over the mixture to fill the glasses. Serve cold.

Kraft offers an alcohol-free alternative that uses sparkling water and a pre-measured flavored drink mix. This quick and simple recipe requires mixing the water and low-calorie peach Bellini flavored drink mix in a champagne flute, making it a good recipe for those who don’t have much time or wish to serve drinks to younger friends and family who are unable to partake in the traditionally alcoholic beverage. The recipe calls for a single cup of sparkling water and a squeeze of Crystal Light liquid mix.

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