What is a good recipe for orange marmalade?


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To make orange marmalade, combine the zest, juice and flesh of 5 pounds oranges, add sugar, boil the mixture, and seal it in canning jars. This recipe makes 3 pints of marmalade.

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What is a good recipe for orange marmalade?
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Peel 5 pounds of oranges, chop the peel into thin strips, and set it aside. Scrape the white pith off of one orange, hold it over a bowl, and carefully separate each section from the surrounding membrane and seeds. Squeeze the membrane into the bowl, and set it aside. Reserve the seeds with the membrane.

Put the orange sections, juice and zest into a pot over high heat. Add 4 cups water and 6 cups white sugar. Stir the mixture, and wait for it to boil. During this time, set several saucers in the freezer. Lay two pieces of cheesecloth over a clean bowl, set the orange seeds and membranes on it, and tie the cloth into a bag. Put the bag into the hot marmalade.

Use a candy thermometer to test the temperature of the marmalade. When it reaches 220 F, take the saucers out of the freezer. Keep the marmalade at 200 F for five minutes, then spoon a small amount of it onto one of the chilled plates. Wait several seconds, and then drag a finger through the marmalade. If your finger cuts a clean track through it, the marmalade is done. If the marmalade is not yet set, cook it for another minute, and then repeat the test with a fresh saucer.

Scoop the pectin bag out of the pot, and set it aside. Stir the marmalade, and pour it into three clean pint jars. Wipe the jar rims, screw on the lids, and store the marmalade in the refrigerator.

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