What Is a Good Recipe for Old-Fashioned Oyster Stew?

To make old-fashioned oyster stew, saute green onions in butter until tender, then add raw, undrained oysters, whole milk, salt, white pepper and cayenne pepper. Cook until the oysters begin to curl, right before the boiling point. Serve the stew topped with crackers and additional raw green onions.

Alternatively, drain 2 pints of raw, shucked oysters, and strain the drained liquor to remove any sand particles. On medium heat, melt 4 tablespoons of butter in a large pan, and add oysters. Simmer until the edges of the oysters begin to curl, being careful not to overcook them. In a separate sauce pan, combine 3 cups of milk and oyster liquor. Slowly heat this mixture; do not boil. Once the oysters are done, gently stir in the hot milk mixture, and add Tabasco, salt and pepper to taste. Serve the stew in large bowls, and garnish with chives, onions, crackers or parsley.

Betty Crocker provides cooks with a slight variation to old-fashioned oyster stew. For this recipe, use low heat to melt butter, and cook shucked oysters until the edges curl, while stirring occasionally. Next, heat milk, half-and-half, salt and pepper on medium heat, then combine with the oysters. This stew is best garnished with parsley and bell peppers.