What Is a Good Recipe for Making Puerto Rican Pasteles De Yuca?

A good recipe for pasteles de yuca is Food.com's recipe taken from Lagasse's Island Flavors. The recipe includes step-by-step instructions for the preparation of the necessary achiote oil, masa, wrapping and filling. Food.com recommends beginning the preparation of masa one day in advance.

Individuals who wish to prepare Puerto Rican pasteles de yuca need to gather an extensive list of ingredients, as listed on Food.com's recipe for the dish. Main ingredients used in the preparation of this dish's filling include boneless lean pork, sofrito sauce, small olives stuffed with pimentos and extra virgin olive oil. Additional spices such as onion powder, garlic powder and oregano impart a unique combination of flavor to the filling.

Achiote sauce consists only of vegetable oil and achiote seeds. Those who wish to prepare achiote oil need only to simmer the seeds in oil until the oil turns dark red.

Masa consists of yucca root, sofrito sauce, beef bouillon and some of the same spices used for the dish's filling. The main ingredient of masa is yucca root, which Food.com suggests cutting into pieces, extracting the inner root and grating using a food processor. The yucca root, once ground, becomes a wet mixture that needs to be strained with cheesecloth and left in the refrigerator overnight.