What Is a Good Recipe to Make Mexican Chili Verde?


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Food Network's puerco con chili verde is an easy recipe for creating between 4 and 6 servings of delicious chile verde. The chef of Espino's Mexican Bar and Grill wrote the recipe for the website. It calls for 30 minutes of preparation and 135 minutes of cooking time.

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Food Network's puerco con chili verde recipe requires 3 pounds of pork butt, fat included, chopped into small cubes. Cook the pork butt in a large skillet with salt, lemon pepper, black pepper, garlic and oregano for 10 minutes. Add green salsa, cumin, cilantro, onions and green chiles, and let the combination cook for another five minutes.

Transfer the mixture to a slow cooker, cover it, and cook at high temperature for 30 minutes. Turn the heat down, and let the green chili mixture cook for the remainder of the cooking time, a maximum of three hours and 30 minutes.

To make the salsa verde, boil tomatillos, jalapenos, garlic and onions in 2 cups of water. In 30 minutes, the mixture should float to the top of the saucepan. Strain the pulp and keep the liquid aside, then combine the pulp, cilantro, salt, more onions and 2/3 of a cup of the liquid in a food processor.

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