What Is a Good Recipe for Fried Cabbage?


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A good recipe for fried cabbage typically involves cooking chopped cabbage in bacon fat and topping it with crumbled cooked bacon. This is not a deep-fried dish; rather, it employs cooking techniques such as sautéing and braising.

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What Is a Good Recipe for Fried Cabbage?
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The fried cabbage recipe on Mr. Food involves sautéing bacon slices in a pot until they turn crispy, then setting the bacon aside and crumbling it. The cook proceeds to add cabbage, butter, salt and black pepper to the pot and allows the mixture to gently braise for approximately 30 minutes, stirring frequently, until the cabbage is tender. Finally, the cook serves the cabbage with crumbled bacon on top. The fried cabbage recipe on MyRecipes.com is similar to the one on Mr. Food, but it omits the butter and also quickens the cooking process by sautéing the cabbage instead of braising it.

The fried cabbage recipe on Deep South Dish is also similar to the recipe on Mr. Food in some ways, but the cook chops the bacon prior to sautéing it, and the bacon remains in the pot as the cook adds other ingredients. In this recipe, the cook also uses chopped onions, Cajun seasoning, cider vinegar and red pepper flakes for extra flavor. Additionally, the instructions advise that the cook may use ham or smoked sausage instead of bacon, and suggest that the cook may add chopped tomatoes and green peppers to the dish as well.

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