What Is a Good Recipe for Dip Using Chipped Beef?


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Solid Gold Eats, Betty Crocker and Taste of Home all offer variations on chipped beef dip. As of March 2015, each of these recipes has very positive reviews from users.

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What Is a Good Recipe for Dip Using Chipped Beef?
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Solid Gold Eats' Hot Chipped Beef & Green Onion Dip recipe requires dried beef, cream cheese, sour cream, green onions and milk, among other ingredients. The preparation is simple and only requires the cook to combine the ingredients in a square baking dish and cook for 15 minutes.

Betty Crocker's Slow-Cooker Hot Chipped Beef and Chipotle Dip can be made with minimal active cooking time. The beef, cheeses, mayonnaise, chipotles and seasonings are combined in a slower cooker then left for an hour and a half. Serve warm with pecans sprinkled over the top. The site recommends serving this dish with cocktail bread or crackers.

Taste of Home's Creamy Hot Beef Dip recipe is similarly simple. The recipe instructs the cook to mix cheese, beef, sour cream, vegetables and seasonings and then bake the mixture in a 1-quart dish. The site recommends serving the dish with crackers as an appetizer or with bread and salad as a light meal. This recipe requires approximately 40 minutes to complete, with only 10 minutes devoted to preparation.

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