What Is a Good Recipe for Coquito De Puerto Rico?

A good recipe for Coquito de Puerto Rico calls for one can of evaporated milk, one can of condensed milk, two egg yolks, one cup of Puerto Rican white rum and two cups of coconut milk. You may substitute one can of coconut milk. For the dry ingredients, you need a pinch of salt and a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Prepare a blender, and put all of the ingredients in the blender bowl. Process the mixture for three minutes at a high speed until it is frothy. Store the mixture in a container until it is ready to be served. When serving, have it in a chilled glass, and dust the surface with cinnamon.

Other recipes include additional ingredients to enhance the aroma and flavor, such as cloves and vanilla extract. In more complicated recipes, cook the egg yolks and evaporated milk in a double boiler, and stir constantly until the mixture reaches a thick and creamy consistency. Once it is ready, transfer it into a blender with the dry ingredients, and blend for approximately 30 seconds. When this is complete, transfer the mixture to bottles to store overnight, and then serve chilled in any glass or garnishes of your choice.