What Is a Good Recipe for Chocolate Fountains?

What Is a Good Recipe for Chocolate Fountains?


A good chocolate fountain recipe uses a mixture of chocolate and oil, with an optional addition of a chocolate-flavored liqueur. Chocolate fountains require a thin chocolate mixture that will not gum up the mechanism of the fountain. Melt the ingredients together slowly before adding to the fountain.

To prepare the chocolate, use a combination of chocolate chips and finely chopped baking chocolate. Melt the chocolate slowly using a double boiler or a microwave-safe bowl. Stir often to keep the chocolate from clumping or burning as it cooks. Mix in a dash of chocolate-flavored liqueur and some cooking oil to create a very thin and smooth chocolate mixture. Taste the mixture occasionally to ensure that the flavor is satisfactory.

The chocolate liqueur is optional. Remember to leave it out of the mixture if the chocolate is to be served to minors. If the liqueur is included, warm it slightly in the microwave so it will not cause the chocolate to clump up during cooking.

Allow the chocolate fountain to run for a few minutes before adding the melted chocolate mixture to the reservoir. This allows any gas pockets to be released so that the fountain will continuously pour chocolate smoothly. Some food items that pair best with a chocolate fountain are any fruits and berries that are bite-size and portable. Cookies, graham crackers, marshmallows and other candies are a tasty and enjoyable addition to any chocolate fountain.