What Is a Good Recipe for Chili Verde Made With Tomatoes?

What Is a Good Recipe for Chili Verde Made With Tomatoes?

One good recipe for chili verde with tomatoes involves liquefying green tomatoes with cilantro in a food processor and then chopping up some more green tomatoes, poblano peppers, garlic, sweet onion and pork. Season the pork with salt, pepper and cumin; sprinkle it with flour; fry it; and then add water and the remaining ingredients. Stew the ingredients on low heat for six to seven hours. Serve them with warmed corn tortillas and salsa.

This recipe provides a spicy and hearty stew. Though the cooking time is long, it is an easy recipe to follow and doesn't require much work.

Chili verde, or green chili, is a dish from Northern Mexico that has spread to the U.S. Southwest. It can include either tomatoes or tomatillos. Traditional recipes use pork shoulder, but you can use other pork cuts or chicken instead or make a vegetarian variant with beans.

Adjust the spiciness to your taste by varying the amount and type of peppers used or by cutting out the seeds. Other recipes involve roasting the tomatoes to add flavor. Consider using oregano or sprinkling fresh lime over the stew to add tang. Cooks further south in Mexico often add potato chunks.

Some Mexican and U.S. supermarkets sell a ready-made chili verde spice mix, but the fresh ingredients aren't generally difficult to find.