What Is a Good Ramen Noodle Recipe?

What Is a Good Ramen Noodle Recipe?

One popular recipe for chicken ramen calls for chicken, chicken stock, shiitake mushrooms, soft-boiled eggs and a variety of seasonings. Several ingredients can be added to dry ramen noodles to make them healthier and more flavorful.

While many people eat ramen noodles with no other ingredients than the seasoning included in the package, delicious ramen recipes can be concocted with just a few delicious ingredients.

Eggs are a popular addition to ramen and can be added to a recipe in a variety of ways. When sliced and added to cooked ramen soup, eggs make for a great source of flavor and protein. However, eggs can be added directly into cooking ramen for an "Egg Drop Soup" effect that is equally delicious.

Popular meats to add to ramen include chicken, sliced beef, pork and seafood such as shrimp. Vegetarians can also add tofu to their ramen for additional protein and flavor. Other great vegetables besides mushrooms include chopped green onions, carrots, celery and zucchini.

Many recipes advise chefs to ditch the seasoning packet, which is high in sodium, and to cook their ramen with chicken, beef, seafood or vegetable stock. Use a variety of seasonings such as pepper and garlic for flavor, in addition to spicy sauces such as Sriracha.